BREAKING: Shooting Victim Scalise Makes Shock Announcement, Millions Stunned

The crimes and VIOLENCE of the Left should be the main subject in the widespread media.

These stories with violent origin are being blacked out by the cable networks and media.
Someone needs to put an end to this and to give the people the truth.
As reported by Angry Patriot Movement, House Majority Whip, Steve Scalise has been evaded and neglected by the widespread media. His life almost came to an end and was nearly executed by a radical Leftist. Thank god he announced on Fox News he is back on his feet after long and excessive treatment in the hospital. His road to recovery doesn’t stop there as he is transferred to an inpatient rehabilitation facility.
Scalise has a lion heart after saying he can’t wait to fully recover and get back to work. That’s how real warriors look like. He says that he is ready to help and push Trump’s “America First” through all the wrongdoers and non believers and by that he means the Democrats and RINOs.
The Louisiana lawmaker is walking on a rocky road. His road to recovery isn’t the brightest and easiest but he is getting to full strength day by day. Scalise had to go through an infection earlier this month and that put him a few weeks from full recovery.
Before this infection he sustained a disastrous rifle wound from the hands of the crazed Leftist, James Hodgkinson. Sadly the rehabilitation process was stagnant and troublesome. He wasn’t the only casualty that got shot from James Hodgkinson. Three other men were shot, including a House GOP aide, a lobbyist, and a Capitol Police Officer. By every ones fortune armed security pulled the trigger and took the life of the frenzied Hodgkinson before he could slaughter more victims.
The Leftist media is trying to cover this bloodbath because they know the whole attack was previously planned and had political motives. The fact that James Hodgkinson volunteered for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign points out that this whole attack was politically plotted. Even his social media posts show that he is strongly anti-Republican.
When will the terror and sadistic assaults from the Democrats end ? Is this their way of showing dissatisfaction, with violence? Why don’t they take responsibility for their actions.
Steve Scalise is well and recovering, he should be a prime example that we need to shut down the media or anyone that encourages violence. The end is near!
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  1. He is right. The hate from the Democrats needs to stop because they are emboldening other crazy liberals to attack people who serve our Country. They need to be held accountable for their hate rhetoric on a daily basis.

  2. Since the election of Trump we have witnessed first hand how "Hate Distorts Reality" No matter what Trump does in MAGA, we have seen the left with its demonic hand and heart twist all the good that comes from MAGA agenda. Good example is Wall Street approaching new heights never seen before Trump took office. [Today 23480] What we see is NY Times, Wash Post, and all the left media distorting all things with a Trump handle attached.What THEY are refusing to see is America's base [actual voters] being savvy & smart and knowing that they the media and left wingers are a sick waste of demagogues and malcontents losers. Trump is trumping their world as they scatter around trying to keep their bull shit lies ahead of the American voter for mid term elections. WE, you & me,can ruin their 2018 parade by throwing out all left wingers and Rino's as in people like the John McCain's in the Washington swamp. We the voter have the FINAL SAY as to you will govern our districts and states. Lets join arms and show Washington that Trump is the way to make and succedd in "Making America Great Again."


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