On Capitol Hill, for the Congressional Russia investigation, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch could not escape questions from Catherine Herridge, about the Clinton email case.

Catherine Herridge went all the way up just to get answers to several questions that the American people want to hear about. She asked former Attorney General Loretta Lynch “can you address any of the issues raised by director Comey during his testimony in May before the Senate Intelligence Committee,” but Lynch was so scared that she didn’t even look back to answer.
After he was fired in May by President Trump FBI director Comey was thinking about the connection between Clinton and Lynch because then Lynch was politicizing the mail case telling him to use language that downplayed the criminal investigation. “At one point the Attorney General had directed me not to call it an investigation but instead to call it a matter which confused and concerned me,” Comey said in his testimony.

Herridge didn’t stop with only one question she continued asking her about the June 27th Arizona tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton, one week before Hillary Clinton’s FBI interview. “Attorney General did you seek permission from anyone within the White House?” she said.
Comey said that the incited made him announce the FBI’s findings without Justice Department input. “Not picking on the, the attorney general Loretta Lynch who I like very much but her meeting with President Clinton on that airplane was the capper for me,” Comey said.

In a separate development, the firm behind the controversial Trump dosser “FusionGPS” went to court seeking a preliminary injunction to stop a House Intelligence Committee subpoena issued by Republican chairman Devin Nunez for their bank records. Earlier two “FusionGPS” employees took the fifth on Capitol Hill, refusing to explain the dossier sources and who gave funds for it.

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