Hillary Clinton PANICKING After What Was Found On Dead Body In Explosion – It’s Over For Her

Anyone who has looked into Hillary Clinton’s past at all knows that an unusual number of people who had dirt on her have turned up dead under mysterious circumstances. Now, it appears that the “Clinton body count” has just grown once again.
Freedom Daily reported that investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was just found murdered in a car bombing months after exposing Clinton’s latest scandal.
A few months ago, Galizia was behind the massive leak of 11.5 million documents called the Panama Papersthat revealed how a Panama law firm helped some of the richest people all over the globe establish offshore tax havens on the Central American country. This illegal scheme made it possible for Clinton and other crooked politicians to avoid paying taxes, as they’d simply stash massive amounts of cash in Panama.
Galizia was blown up by a car bomb that was detonated moments after she left her home.
“Shocking doesn’t begin to describe this,” wrote journalist Mark Micallef, who added that he thinks that Galizia was blown up by a bomb that was being remotely controlled and detonated by an IED.
Galizia had told police in the weeks leading up to her death that she was constantly being harassed and having her life threatened. She had filed a report about the death threats with police two weeks before she died.
This comes weeks after yet another person who potentially had dirt on Clinton was found mysteriously dead. State Department and federal agent employee Kurt Smolek’s decaying corpse was found at the end of August in the Potomac River. At the time of his death, Smolek was close to exposing Clinton’s ties to PizzaGate, as well as her ties to a human child trafficking ring in Cambodia.
During Clinton’s time as Secretary of State, Smolek was stationed in Cambodia, a country infamous for it’s human trafficking, child sex trafficking, and child sex tourism. Since the location where Smolek was stationed is a hotspot for illegal activity, it’s very likely that he had some damning information on Clinton.

It’s incredibly disturbing that Clinton seems to think that she can simply make anyone who is on their way to exposing her “disappear.” Clearly, this woman is a heartless, hardened criminal, and it’s scary that she came close to becoming president. Thank God Donald Trump stopped her in her tracks and made sure that this never happened!
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