The House Republicans passed a bill on Thursday that has conservatives all over the U.S. cheering.

The Republicans managed to effectively pass the 2018 budget resolution with no Democrat votes needed. This means that they will be able to adopt the tax reform legislation and enable President Donald Trump to make a law out of it.

The vote was 219-206, with all Republicans voting in favor and all Democrats voting against. After the vote, Republican leaders pointed out that it is essential to introduce this tax reform to America.
“We haven’t reformed this tax system since 1986. We need to pass this budget so we can help bring more jobs, fairer taxes and bigger paychecks for people across this country,” said Speaker Paul Ryan, R, Wisc.
While the bill was being debated, House Budget Committee Chairman Diane Black, R-Tenn., explained this measure will help middle- class and American businesses to develop even further.

“Our budget specifically paves the way for pro-growth tax reform that will reduce taxes for middle class Americans and free up American businesses to grow and hire,” said Black.
This move will eliminate the revenue loss and remaining shortcomings added to the $20 trillion debt of the country. In doing this, Republicans will cut financial regulations, welfare privileges and release over $203 billion.
Democrats are not very happy about this.

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