Missouri Governor Moves to EXPEL Senator who Called for Trump’s Assassination

The cries for resignation are coming from BOTH sides of the aisle in the Missouri state senate.
Democrat Sen. Maria Chapplle-Nadal, who posted on social media that she wanted President Trump to be assassinated, still has a job, and many are wondering why.
Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens is working to change that, and is asking the Senate to REMOVE Chappelle-Nadal from office if she refuses to resign.
America has had enough of these VIOLENT, angry, hateful Democrats.
Get rid of them all!
Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens says the state senate should remove Democratic Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal from office if she refuses to resign.
Chappelle-Nadal has already said she has no intention of resigning and has refused to apologize for a Facebook post in which she wrote: “I hope Trump is assassinated!”
“Senator Chappelle-Nadal said she hopes the President is killed. Republicans and Democrats have called on her to resign,” Greitens wrote. “Her response: ‘Hell no.’ Last night, in an interview, she refused to apologize–twice. If she will not resign, the Senate can vote to remove her. I believe they should.”
Both Democratic and Republican leaders have called on Chappele-Nadal to resign.
“All sides need to agree that there is no room for suggestions of political violence in America — and the Missouri Democratic Party will absolutely not tolerate calls for the assassination of the President,” said Stephen Webber, the chairman of the Missouri Democratic Party.
U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill also weighed in on the controversy brewing in her home state, calling Chappelle-Nadal’s statement “outrageous” and saying she “should resign.”
So far, though, Chappelle-Nadal has given no indication that she plans to step down.
A motion expelling Chappelle-Nadal from the state senate would require the support of two-thirds of the senators. Republicans currently hold 25 of 34 seats in the senate. It will 23 senators to expel Chappelle-Nadal

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