NEW News Network Will Be MORE Pro-Trump than Fox! Look Who Will Be in Charge!

Fox News better get their act together, because if this news is true, they’re about to be in big trouble.
As Fox News leans much more to the left, thanks to Rupert Murdoch’s liberal sons running the network, many conservatives are looking elsewhere for their non-biased news.
In walks Steve Bannon, the powerhouse at Breitbart, who is rumored to be starting a conservative news network.
Can you imagine?
We love this idea!
From Bizpacreview
Steve Bannon’s next steps might be a big blow to Fox News.
Rumors are circulating that the former White House Chief Strategist is planning to launch a news network that is more conservative than Fox, according to Axios.
According to reporter Jonathan Swan, friends of Bannon have said the Breitbart executive chairman sees Fox News heading toward the center of the political spectrum, which creates an opening to the right of Fox.
They don’t know if the network is going to be an online streaming service like Netflix or an actual television station.
Before former Fox News head Roger Ailes died earlier this year he met with Bannon and discussed the idea of starting a network together and Bannon loved the idea, according to Axios.
One thing causing speculation that a new network is in the offing is that Bannon took a meeting with Long Island billionaire Robert Mercer, who has backed other Bannon projects.
After leaving the White House Bannon told Bloomberg News that he’s ready to go to war for President Trump.
With commentators on Fox News, like Shepard Smith, who fans  have called to be fired, a new conservative network could make big waves.

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