Suicidal NFL Attacks Trump Again! #CrookedHillary Fundraiser To Play Super Bowl Halftime Show!

Apparently, the NFL apparently isn’t losing its fan base quite fast enough! (THAT MEANS YOU, SUPPORTERS OF THE PRESIDENT OF THIS COUNTRY!)
Pathetic-attendance scenes like this from Sunday’s Week 7  NFL apparently aren’t enough to make the league see the egregious error of its ways.
Now the failing league has announced — not that so many of you probably at this point even have any intention of watching the game LOL — to bring in HILLARY CLINTON FUNDRAISER Justin Timberlake to perform at its Super Bowl halftime show!!!

source: @jessicabiel via instagram

Justin Timberlake had been rumored to be the halftime performer for Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis.

The NFL and Pepsi made it official on Sunday. 

Timberlake hopes this performance goes better than his last Super Bowl halftime show. Timberlake created a controversy during halftime of New England’s 32-29 win over Carolina in Super Bowl XXXVIII in 2004 when he exposed Janet Jackson’s breast at the end of the show. 

The 10-time Grammy winner and actor posted his own announcement with some help from “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon.

Quite a few African Americans in particular were disgusted, due to the lifetime ban of Janet Jackson, by the selection of Timberlake:
Why is Justin Timberlake being invited to perform again when Janet Jackson is banned for life for something that was entirely his fault🙄
It's called White Privilege! That's not right that @JanetJackson gets banned for life and white boy, @jtimberlake gets invited to come back.
Seriously, Justin Timberlake is trash for accepting that Superbowl Gig while Janet is still banned. No one gives a shit about black women
One insignificant leftist self-proclaimed “comedy writer” had a different take though: “I hope Justin Timberlake does his entire Super Bowl halftime performance while taking a knee just to p*ss of Trump supporters.”

If you are boycotting the NFL until every player STANDS, please SHARE this now!

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