Video Exposes How American Leftists and ISIS are Similarly Intolerant

As the militant Communist left continues their assault on American history be demanding the removal and destruction of historical Confederate monuments, their similarity to another radical group is coming to light.
The left, at this point, has more in common with Islamic terrorist group ISIS than anything else, and as they grow more violent, the comparison is shocking.
Like ISIS, the “foot soldiers” of the left-wing, Antifa, are clad in all black and hide their faces behind dark masks and hoods.
They use fear, violence, and overwhelming force against any who oppose them, and are completely devoid of compassion, kindness, decency, or morals.
Another disturbing similarity between the left and ISIS is their obsession with rewriting history, specifically, erasing history which “goes against” their twisted beliefs and ideals.
However, the real reason for this is far more simple: by destroying the history of their enemies, they not only strike a blow to morale, but by erasing history, they set the stage to completely erase their enemies themselves.
The left, which openly identifies as militant, Bolshevik-inspired Communists, has a long history of these tactics as well.
By allowing the left to demand the removal of Confederate monuments, a dangerous precedent has been set: once the Confederate statues are gone, they will demand the removal of every piece of American history.

Once that is gone, they will be free to come after every single American who does not bend the knee and subscribe to their radical leftist views; with our history erased, when WE are erased, it will be as if we never existed at all…

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