Actor Harrison Ford Says: “I Want To Says All Of My Supporters To Standing With My President Donald Trump And Boycott Against All Trump Haters, I Hate Traitors.” Do You Support Him ?

Harrison Ford might famously play a character from a galaxy far, far, away, but according to the actor, Donald Trump the one who has his head in space.
Harrison Ford to Donald Trump: “It’s Not Like This in Real Life’

When Ford was asked about Trump’s recent comments in The New York Times praising the actor’s presidential character for standing up to terrorists in the movie Air Force One, the Star Wars actor gave the best response ever. He said:
Donald, it was a movie. It’s not like this in real life. But how would you know?

Check out Ford’s entire interview with Studio 10’s Angela Bishop that occurred during an Australian press tour for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. You might have heard of it in recent weeks.
In a recent interview with The New York Times, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said that he liked movies with heroic presidents, and the one with “Harrison Ford on the plane” in particular. He’s referring to Air Force One, in which Ford—as the ultimate tough-guy POTUS—fights Russian terrorists.
“I love Harrison Ford—and not just because he rents my properties. He stood up for America,” Trump said.
The Star Wars actor reportedly rented an apartment in one of Trump’s properties in New York City more than ten years ago, but apparently that history doesn’t make a difference to Ford.

“I really didn’t think it was such a good apartment. I didn’t think it was great architecture,” Ford recently told Fusion’s Jorge Ramos. “The Donald Trump that owned that building is not the same Donald Trump that I’m seeing now.”
Ford said Trump’s actions have been divisive, and that he’s “turning people against each other.”
“We need a consciousness of what the country needs practically speaking, rather than ideologically speaking,” he told Ramos.
The actor also spoke to Ramos about Han Solo, his character in the Star Wars franchise, and director George Lucas’s comment that the character is a “loner, who realizes the importance of being part of a group.” Ford acknowledged he identifies with Hans Solo in that regard.
Luke Skywalker didn’t want to rejoin the force — until Han Solo convinced him.
Mark Hamill said he was not interested in reprising his iconic role as Luke Skywalker in the new “Star Wars” movies but signed on after Harrison Ford convinced him.

Hamill told The New York Times he was “just really scared” after “Star Wars” mastermind George Lucas informed him there were plans for more “Star Wars” movies that involved Skywalker, Solo and Princess Leia.
“I thought, why mess with it?’” Hamill told The New York Times. “The idea of catching lightning in a bottle twice was ridiculously remote.”
Hamill said Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia, was immediately on board with reprising her role in the new films.
“I’m in!” Fisher exclaimed, he recalled.
“I said, ‘Carrie, poker face!’” Hamill said. “No one wants to see the 50-, 60-, 70-year-old versions of us, running around, bumping heads on the Death Star. It’s sad.”
Hamill said he was apprehensive about signing on and was sure Ford would also reject the opportunity.
Ford told Jimmy Kimmel in 2015 that he asked Lucas to kill off Solo during the original three films.
“I asked him to ask the writers to kill me off, because I thought that it would be good that the character who appeared to have not so much of a complex interweaving with the theme of the Force and all that good stuff.” Ford told Kimmel. “I thought it would be good that the character, if he sacrificed himself in some noble way.”

However, Ford’s character was not killed off.
“He’s (Ford) too old and too rich and too cranky,” Hamill said of Ford. “He’s not going to do this.”
To Hamill’s surprise, Ford was also on board for the new films.
“Can you imagine if I was the only one to say ‘no’? I’d be the most hated man in nerd-dom,” Hamill said.
“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” director J.J. Abrams told The New York Times that Hamill “was not particularly happy” with how small his role was in the 2015 film.
“I let him know before he read the script that his role was minimal,” Abrams told The New York Times. “I don’t think he knew just how minimal until he read it.”
Hamill said the decision turned out well since the next film’s storyline, “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” revolved around Skywalker.
However, Hamill said he was “disappointed” Princess Leia would not get the air time she deserved. Fisher died on Dec. 27, 2016, at the age of 60 from cardiac arrest.
“She (Fisher) deserved that second act,” Hamill said. “Harrison was more prominent in VII, I’m more prominent in this one, and she was meant to be more prominent in the last one. Her timing was perfect, except in this case.”
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