At Least 27 People Reported Dead in Texas Church Shooting – Gunman Killed by Policeby BOB PRICE5 Nov 2017Sutherland Springs, TX

by BOB PRICE5 Nov 2017Sutherland Springs, TX

A mass casualty shooting near San Antonio, Texas, left up to 27 people dead and dozens injured. Reports from Sutherland Springs, Texas, indicate that multiple people have been taken to area hospitals. The gunman is reported to be dead after deputies cornered him about five miles from the scene.

Update 9:49 p.m.: CBS News initially reported that Devin Patrik Kelley “received a dishonorable discharge and was court martialed in May 2014. CBS News later corrected that article to state, “Kelley was court-martialed in 2012 for two counts of assault on his spouse and assault on their child, Stefanek said. He received a bad conduct discharge and confinement for 12 months.” The news network made no notations about the correction in their article.
Update 7:55 p.m.: KSAT’s Max Massey tweeted about a candlelight vigil being held in memory of the 26 people killed by Devin Patrick Kelly on Sunday. The death toll currently stands at 27 including Kelley.

Update 6:45 p.m.: Video of President Donald Trump’s remarks from Tokoyo, Japan, about the shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas. “Through the tears and through the sadness, we stand strong,” the president said.

Update 6:08 p.m.: KENS 5 tweeted an interview with a witness who described watching his neighbor engage the suspect with a gun. The suspect fled the scene following the encounter with the neighbor.

Update 5:55 p.m.: Texas Department of Public Safety Region 6 Director Freeman Martin told reporters during a press conference that a local resident engaged the shooter with his own weapon. Devin Kelley then dropped his Ruger AR-15 rifle and got in his car to leave. The resident pursued Kelley’s vehicle until it crashed. Police found Kelley dead inside his vehicle. It is not clear if he shot himself or if the resident shot him, Martin stated.
Martin said the suspect (officials did not use Kelley’s name during the press conference) got out of his vehicle at a Valero gas station across the street from the church. He opened fire after crossing the street and fired from two locations outside the church. He then entered the church and shot again. Martin stated the suspect was dressed in all black tactical gear including a ballistic vest.
He identified the weapon used as a Ruger AR-15 rifle.
Martin confirmed 26 people were killed by the shooter, not including the shooter. Of those, two died outside the church, 23 died inside the church, and one died after being transported to a hospital.
While Martin could not disclose the names of the deceased, he said they ranged in age from five-years-old to 72-years-old.
Wilson County Sheriff Joe Tackitt told reporters “Don’t say it should have never happened because it does happen.”
Wilson County District Attorney Audry stated the threat to the community is over and thanked the media for helping get that information out to the public.
Update 5:32 p.m.: CBS News reports Devin Kelley received a dishonorable discharge from the Air Force after being court-martialed in May 2014. The report states it is unclear if Kelley died from a self-inflicted wound or if police shot him.
Update 5:30 p.m.:  The Daily Mail reports the following about Kelley:
San Antonio police raided Kelley’s home on Sunday evening, with K9 and bomb squad units.
Kelley, who was reportedly married, had recently posted a photo of an AR-15 style gun on his Facebook page with the caption: ‘She’s a bad b***h.’
A LinkedIn account which appears to be Kelley’s states that he joined the US Air Force after graduating New Braunfels High School in 2009. He worked in logistics and supply in the Air force until 2013, when he left and volunteered as a teacher for Bible studies at Kingsville First Baptist Church.
Update 5:21 p.m.: Harris County Precinct 4 Constable Deputy George Scoggins posted on Facebook, a link to the criminal history of Devin Patrick Kelley, who is reported to be the killer in the Sutherland Springs church shooting. The posted report claims Kelley was arrested in Mobile County, Alabama in July 2013, for possession of Marijuana.
Update 5:16 p.m.:  The Daily Mail reports police have identified the shooter as Devin Patrick Kelley, 26. The report says he is married and is said to be an Air Force veteran and a Bible study teacher. He is reportedly from New Braunfels, Texas.
Update 4:45 p.m.: Fox News is reporting on air about an ABC report that the shooter is a white male in his 20’s. He is is reported to not be from the community but lives in a town near San Antonio. The report states the man displayed an AR-15 on his Facebook page.
UPDATE 4:40 p.m.: KSAT reports from witnesses state the gunman wore a mask and full gear. The witnesses stated the gunman opened fire outside the church before going in. One of the witnesses reportedly returned fire on the gunman as he left the church. The shots reportedly hit the gunman who then got back into his vehicle and left the scene.

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