Do You Support Trump’s Plan For a National ‘Right to Carry’ Law?

Shortly after Donald Trump won the election, Todd Rathner, a prominent guns rights lobbyist, said gun owners were eager to “go on the offense at the federal level.” Among their top priorities was national reciprocity legislation: a law guaranteeing that people with concealed-carry permits from one state could take their guns into any other state, even if that state had stricter limits on carrying concealed weapons.
Hudson, a member of President-elect Trump’s Second Amendment Coalition, isn’t the first lawmaker to introduce a national reciprocity bill that would effectively override many existing state gun laws. But his bill is broader than its predecessors. Gun advocates have typically couched the need for reciprocity as a convenience to travelers who must contend with a “patchwork” of gun laws while on interstate road trips. Hudson’s bill, however, goes far beyond making travelers’ concealed-carry permits portable across state lines. It would also force states to allow residents with a concealed-carry permit issued in another state to pack heat. Additionally, it would allow gun owners from states that do not require concealed-carry permits to carrying weapons in states that do require permits.
Trump—who has said he sometimes carries a concealed weapon—has called for making concealed-carry permits like driver’s licenses, which are valid nationwide. He said concealed carry is “a right, not a privilege.”
“The president is clear that he’s been a strong supporter of the Second Amendment,” press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said from the White House when discussing the mass shooting in Las Vegas, the worst in US history.
Will you take a stand and fight for the Second Amendment if need be?

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