POLL: Should Tim Kaine Be Arrested For Calling For Violence Against Trump?

Democratic Senator and Hilary Clinton running mate, Tim Kaine, called for a civil war in America.

He called out for a fight in the streets and online to combat “the Trump Administration”.
During the Tuesday’s Morning Joe show on MSNBC,
Tim Kaine said that the public should get out to the streets and do everything they can to force Trump out of House.

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Should Tim Kaine be arrested for inciting violence against President Trump?  Take our poll below!


  1. Anyone who threatens any president should face charges immediately.............no matter who it is.

  2. He threatened the Leader of our Country! Of course he should be charged and arrested. By saying what he did he's trying to incite riots. He deserves no better treatment than what would happen to any other citizen of this country for this kind of action.

  3. This is a "Threat" to a sitting President of course he should be arrested for his remarks.

  4. Isn't there an asylum, somewhere that will take this abomination?

  5. And to think this half wit idiot could have been the Vice President serving under the full blown Idiot Clinton!!!!!!


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