Should “SNL” Writer Katie Rich Be Fired For Attacking Barron Trump?

OMG!? What the hell is wrong with liberals? There is judging people and then there is unfairly attacking people – especially the young son of our first President. Katie Rich is a writer for SNL.
Watch Barron Trump below playin’ Peek-a-boo! How cute?! He is such a nice 10-year-old
And Katie Rich fired this tweet off on Inauguration day. She has since deleted it but not before it has been screen capped.
These liberals are without class. That’s because liberalism is a mental disorder. How else could you explain this nastiness?
Critics immediately attacked her as they should. SNL should bear the blame of this sick and disgusting attack on a young man. No wonder SNL is garbage. It’s because there is people like her writing it.
he 10-year-old has accompanied his father to Washington this weekend and has now been thrust into the limelight for the first time. Barron will now be staying in New York with Melania Trump until he finishes, says Daily Mail.
That’s we need to make our voice heard loud and proud. Let’s turn off SNL. It is used for nothing but making fun of conservatives. Their episodes are starting to nosedive in the ratings. Their most recent one hit the lowest ratings they’ve had a while.

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