What Mike Pence Just Did Makes Mila Kunis Immediately Regret Abortion Donation In His Name

A few days ago, actress Mila Kunis donated to the Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence’s name. Soon afterward, her donation backfired SPECTACULARLY.
Shortly after Kunis’ donation was made public, a pro-life group began soliciting donations for their own cause in Mike Pence’s name.
When Mike Pence found out about this plan to counter donations to the Planned Parenthood, he got on board, retweeting the link and adding his approval.

Neither tweet referenced Kunis’ actions, rendering her initial “peaceful protest” irrelevant. Meanwhile, money will now be flowing to organizations tasked with ending abortion.
So Mila Kunis didn’t get what she wanted. In the end, the biggest winner here was Mike Pence and the pro-life cause. He kept it classy and they’re getting the money.
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While celebrities try to tear him down, he’s trying to lift up causes that are close to his heart.

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