Under Armor CEO Slams Trump And Quits Council – Then Wakes Up To A $2.5 Billion Mistake

It’s certainly interesting to see a story like this on the news.
Let me introduce you to the “tale” in case you haven’t heard it before, back in August the new CEO of Under Armor Kevin Plank stroke the President and his special manufacturing council.
Namely, he ran away  immediately after another  CEO quit the council because of Trump’s unwillingness to condemn supremacy.
Yes, it is true.
One can  really bet on it, that some of these Leftists are professional quitters and complainers.  Just the fact that we are still having this “not condemning white supremacy” debate is absolutely absurd.
Our President is not a racist, and he does not support racism of any kind. He has proved that again and again.
So, seeing this headline about whats going on over at Under Armor, has undoubtedly surprised many Americans. I’s really funny if you think about it.
Under Armor stock dropped over twenty percent value this morning, after missing Q3 earnings expectations this year.
And what does that mean? – Kevin Plank’s net-worth dropped over $2.5 BILLION this morning.
Yes, 2.5 billion dollars!
This pushed Under Armor down into one of the worst performing stocks in the entire S&P 500 this year.
They surely can’t expect to keep their sales numbers after alienating more than half of the population in  America.
President Trump’s trying to make America great again. It’s about time that these companies learn that.

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