BREAKING: Barack And Michelle Just Fled U.S. After Shock Vid Emerges That’ll Put Them BOTH In Prison!

Over the last several weeks, the walls have been closing in around Barack Obama and the rest of his liberal minions in Washington D.C., as more evidence is revealed to the public concerning the criminal acts committed under his watch. It is apparent that the pressure is getting to the Obama family as Michelle has distanced herself from her corrupt husband by taking long vacations overseas alone. A damning video has emerged that could be all the evidence President Trump needed to put both Barack and Michelle Obama behind bars for a long time, and there is nothing they can do about it.
Over the last two Presidential terms, the American people have had to sit and watch as Barack Obama made a mockery of the constitution and our nation’s laws. For too long Obama was able to get away with numerous crimes, and we as conservatives began to feel hopeless. However, that all changed the moment that Donald Trump stepped on the scene, breathing new life into our country and promising that those who were corrupt would face dire consequences.
The left scoffed at the very prospect of a Trump presidency, but to be safe, they began to craft a devious plan to protect the criminal elite hiding in D.C., knowing that Trump would come after them all. After Trump won the presidential election, the left sprung into action ready with their plan to protect their own including Barack Obama and of course, Hillary Clinton.
Trump is not anyone’s fool and was well aware that when he stepped foot into the White House. Trump knew the White House would be teeming with swamp creatures poised and ready to attack. Trump bided his time and made sure he chose wisely on who to allow into his inner circle, and one man who made the cut was Inspector General Michael Horowitz.
Horowitz is what you would call a police departments “internal affairs” field, where he investigates the FBI and DOJ to ensure that all are playing by the same rules and held to the same standard of integrity as everyone else. Also, it is important to note that Horowitz was not a fan of the Obama administration after witnessing the despicable crimes that these leftist rats thought they got away with, such as the Hillary Clinton email scandal.
The Inspector General conducted a sting operation last year into the corrupt FBI and DOJ and what he found was astounding. In fact, the Hillary email scandal and the Russian-collusion false narrative is just the beginning of the horrific crimes that occurred under the Obama administration.
The FISA memo is mere child’s play compared to the rest of crimes Obama and his minions committed, which brings us to the damning video.
Rep. Steve King recently found an interview with Barack Obama in April 2016, where he “guarantees” to the American people that there was no corruption occurring in the FBI and DOJ. Well, that is funny since the FISA memo states that members of Obama’s administration signed off on warrants to wiretap Trump based on false information. It was not just false information, but it was information that was manufactured all lies in a fake Russian scandal in an attempt to impeach Trump if he did get elected.

Of course, you know this is driving Obama and Michelle crazy since they see the writing on the wall. The Obama’s still have some friends left in D.C., and the word on the street is that there will be an inditement for Barack coming at the end of March. Now, here is where some could say is just a coincidence, but I don’t believe in coincidences and neither should you.
According to recent reports, Barack Obama is planning on taking his corrupt tail to New Zealand in March to celebrate the opening of Air New Zealand’s new route to the U.S.
Here is more from New Zealand Herald:
“Former US President Barack Obama will finally go ahead with his promise to visit New Zealand on a trip in March.
The Herald on Sunday understands Obama will visit on about March 21 arranged by Air New Zealand.
It is understood the contract is due to be finalised and the visit announced next week.
The reason for the visit is unknown but there has been speculation Air NZ is about to launch a new route to the United States, likely Chicago which is Obama’s hometown.
Former Prime Minister Sir John Key is now on the Air NZ board and will have been instrumental in securing the high-level visit due to his relationship with Obama when the two were leaders.
Key and Obama played golf together in Hawaii in 2014 and it is understood a rematch is on the agenda for Obama’s New Zealand visit – likely in Key’s favorite spot of Queenstown.
The visit will likely carry a stiff price tag for Air NZ. According to US media, Obama was securing about $400,000 in speaking fees alone in the United States.”
Of course, no one is talking about this in the mainstream media, and why would they? If they did, that would mean these talking heads would have to investigate the corruption in our government, and that is the last thing that they want to do. If anyone took the time to look at this closer, they would see that Barack Obama and all those surrounding him are running out of time, and they know they will all go down with him.
six senior leaders of the FBI/DOJ have been reassigned or fired based on facts that have come out of the work of the inspector general Yet, House Intel Cmtw Chair Nunes is branded a lunatic by the CLINTON/obama mafia w new killers- adam Schiff & media Incredible
It is evident that this is the reason why Barack Obama is getting out of town as he tries to weasel his way out of this mess like he has some many times before. However, Obama and his swamp creature friends can scurry and attempt to hide, but eventually, the truth will catch up to them all, and every one of them will be sitting behind bars for a very long time.

When you think about the fingerprints of . Obama “Guaranteed” NO corruption in FBI or DOJ in any case! “Guaranteed. Full stop!”
Obammer in the slammer!

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