Jesse James Just Made Trump A ‘Special Gift’ That Has Democrats In Full-Panic Mode

President Trump has a very diverse background before entering public service. He’s best known for his real estate investments, but his time on television on Celebrity Apprentice is a close second. What most considered to be a detriment to his political chances, was turned into a public interest story by the Trump campaign, and may have helped him win the 2016 election. Since the President is an entirely unfamiliar politician, his opponents have a hard time knowing how to predict or handle him, and that job just got a lot harder. Even though highly trained secret service members always surround the President, one just can’t be too careful when you’re rocking as many boats as the President is.
One of Trump’s former TV stars decided to make him a unique gift that Americans just fell in love with. According to Forbes, Jesse James, a firearms maker to the stars, has crafted a custom .45 for 45:
“Jesse James, who appeared on the second season on “Celebrity Apprentice,” has made a .45 for Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States.
The CEO of Jesse James Firearms Unlimited, an Austin, Texas-based firearms manufacturer, James has remained friendly with the President and says Trump “has seen the finished product, and he is very pleased.”
James intends to present the President with the firearm at a future date. ‘I will take the gun to the White House and give it to him,’ James explained in an email. ‘Hopefully, it will end up on display in his presidential library.’
The Trump .45 is a bespoke version of the JJFU Grand Master X 1911 pistol.
‘This would give me enough real estate to put his full name down,’ James noted. ‘Makes a bold statement with no abbreviations. Plus the gun is pretty bad a**.’
This isn’t the kind of .45 you can pick up at your local superstore. It is made of 412 stainless steel with 24-karat gold plating, and the wood inlay is from one of George Washington’s chestnut trees. One side reads “Donald J. Trump” and the other reads “The 45th President United States of America.” It also includes the presidential seal. If you’re wondering what this gun would set you back, you’re not alone, but you’ll have to keep wondering according to James:
“I don’t want to disclose the value, but it did take me a solid year to finish.”
“When asked what he thought Trump’s response would be, James speculated: ‘I’m pretty sure he’s going to want to put some rounds through it.’
He also suggested Trump might use it for leverage. ‘I hope he uses it as a negotiation tool. You know, just casually pull it out and set it on his desk, ‘Have you seen my Jesse James pistol?'”
We don’t know if James’ dream of his masterpiece being used in Presidental negotiations will become a reality, but it wouldn’t be out of character for President Trump to want to show his enemies just what they’re up against. Sometimes, if you want to do the right thing, you’ve just got to grit your teeth and do it, no matter what people say about you. That’s what President Trump has decided to do, and this firearm is just another example of what those who are up close and personal with the President think about his character. You might not like or agree with Trump, but you’ll never have to guess what he’s thinking about us fine Americans.

“James has made firearms for other high-profile individuals previously. Before the demise of Brangelina, he made a pair of custom Cisco 1911 pistols for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Jolie’s was engraved: ‘MAMA KNOWS BEST.’ Pitt’s was engraved: ‘BIG PAPA.’ His customers also include Rick Perry, the Texas governor turned Secretary of Energy under Trump, who described James as an ‘amazing artist’ on Instagram — and added ‘#1911heaven.’ In addition, he’s made 1911s for Eric Clapton, Kid Rock, and is working on ‘a new super size one for Shaq.’

Trump’s piece comes in its own handcrafted presentation box, which includes wood from Washington’s original chestnut trees.
James chronicled the making of his Trump pistol on social media, much to the delight of his followers. A sneak peek at the presidential seal engraving last November generated over 20,000 likes. ‘Love it,’ Donald Trump Jr. commented.
On his personal Instagram feed, James shared why he made the presidential pistol. ‘I think it’s pretty much the Law,” he wrote. “If you build guns and your friend becomes President. You build him a Bada** gun!’ That post generated nearly 60,000 likes.”

It’s probably not the law that he had to make the gun, but it sure was a nice gesture. It’s doubtful that the President will carry it on him at all times, but it’s never wrong to be known as the guy with a big bad .45 hiding somewhere. It’s even better to be known as the President that is pro-guns, considering they’re what keeps the nation free.
James seems to have found the perfect gift for the man who has everything. It’s unlikely anyone will find a better gift for 45 than a .45.

Let’s not forget about the guy who got PTSD from firing an AR 15.

   SOURCE : Freedom Daily

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